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The Secret Sunflower Project is a plant it forward challenge. It comes with two packets of sunflower seeds. One for you and for you to give to someone else- a friend, relative or someone you randomly meet along your life journey. 

Once one receives their seeds it is now their call to action to join the challenge and give a packet to someone else. Reciprocity will help sunflower seeds continue to be planted.

In order to spread happiness, we will need as many planting hands as possible! Our project is to connect people from all over and have them come together to plant happiness.

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Planting Directions

  • Sow seed 1/2 inch deep covering loosely with soil. If you are using our biodegradable planting pot, when ready place the entire pot into soil.  

  • Sunflowers grow best in locations with direct sun (6 to 8 hours per day

  • Sunflowers have long roots which need to stretch out so the plants prefer well-dug, loose, well-draining soil; in preparing a bed, dig down 2 feet in depth and about 3 feet across to ensure the soil isn’t too compact.

  • Find a well-drained location, and prepare your soil by digging an area of about 2-3 feet in circumference to a depth of about 2 feet.

  • For best results, soil needs to be nutrient-rich with organic matter or composted (aged) manure. 

  • If possible, put seeds in a spot that is sheltered from strong winds, (along a fence or near a building.)

  • After established, thin plants to 12 inches apart. Mature plant reaches 8-10 feet tall.


Caring for your sunflowers

  • While the plant is small, water around the root zone, about 3 to 4 in. from the plant. 

  • Once the plant is established, water deeply though infrequently to encourage deep rooting. Unless the weather is exceptionally wet or dry, water once a week with several gallons of water.

  • Tall plants need support. Bamboo stakes are a good choice for any plant that has a strong, single stem and needs support for a short period of time.

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Increase Your Own Happiness

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Happiness is a state of being (mental or emotional) with emotions that range from contentment and intense joy to having a sense that one’s life has meaning and worth. Being happy is something you can control.

Turn up your happiness

There are four primary chemicals in the brain that effect happiness.Each one is activated in a different way. By designing daily experiences that activate these chemicals, you can increase your happiness, and productivity.

  • Oxytocin is released through closeness with another person. It can be triggered by cuddling, or social bonding like like eye contact and attentiveness. This helps strengthen existing bonds and relationships.

  • Serotonin which is widely understood to control your greater mood. If you’re in a good mood, you’ve got serotonin to thank. 80 percent of serotonin exists in the gut, and is governed by your state of hunger. This is why you find yourself grumpy when you miss a meal.

  • Endorphins allow us to push farther and harder when we are working hard to attain a goal.

  • Dopamine is involved more with anticipation than the actual “happiness” feeling.

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